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EMC 9 - WhatSit?



Okay, I know what Creator Classic, Drag To Disc, Label Creator, etc. do. I've also gotten the picture about about Media Manager and Disk Watcher and disabling same.


What I'd like to know is what all the other stuff does and is for, and any important interactions or dependencies. Is there a listing of "features" compared somewhere that anyone can share a pointer to?


See, I'm installing in an environment where uPNP is seriously frowned upon and peer-to-peer is absolutely out; I'm also using some performance sensitive applications that require that I keep TSR's (background tasks) to the absolute minimum, even those that are not actively running.


Would appreciate any tips, pointers, suggestions - if I can't tame this beast, my only choice is to go back to 6 Platinum.

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About the only things I can think of that stay resident are D2D and Media Manager.You can of course kill either one from running at boot in msconfig.Other than that I can't think of anything that runs at boot and stays running.

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