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For some reason I cannot capture the DVD to my hard drive. No it is not a copy protected DVD. I must be doing something wrong????? Maybe I need step by step instructions. Thanks


After selecting Capture from the Home menu, do you get the following picture?

You have to select the option icon with the DVD in it.



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I would love to have some help! I need to excerpt some clips from DVDs. I am sure I should be able to do this in 7.5, but quite frankly I am totally lost

Capture the movie to your hard drive. Then use Videowave to edit the movie. You can then output the resulting production as a file (such as mpeg) using "File>Output Production To..." or you can create a DVD using DVDBuilder.


Also take a look at tutorials in the Tips and Tricks section, specifically by sknis. While the tutorials are under version 9, the general concepts should be helpful.

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