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uninstall direct to disc

ol blue


since i installed EMC7 i can't use my windows media player to create a cd because my dvd recorder doesn't reconize the blank disc. i was told to uninstall "direct to disc" from roxio, i uninstalled the whole roxio program and wmp worked. my question is can i just uninstall just the direct to disc from the roxio media suite?

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Of course. In fact if you choose Custom install you don't even have to install it…


Otherwise: Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs – Roxio EMC 7 – Change. When the installer runs, scroll down to D2D and choose, "This feature will not be available."


Actually it should not interfere and a firmware upgrade for your burner would probably cure the message.


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I'm not certain if you can uninstall it if you have the downloaded version.


However, if that's the case, you can do a Windows\Start\Run and type msconfig

Under the Startup tab, uncheck DrgToDsk, apply, ok.


That will keep the program from starting up when you start your computer and also eliminate the problem.

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