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playback audio cd



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I would suggest you might want to edit your post to remove the email address - these boards are searched by google and other search engines, which in turn are searched by spammers seeking to "harvest" email addresses for spamming purposes.


If you make an audio CD, it should play on any CD player. It sounds like you are making a data disc with music files - some more details on how you created this disc, which programs within the suite and which types of files were used (and their sources) might provide more clues as to what is happening.



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I am able to capture and burn an audio cd from a micorcassette recorder but it will not play on other

cd devices. I am using staples cd-r to record on. I have Roxio easy media creator 7. Thanks for any advice. clakes1 My e-mail is clakes1@bellsouth.net

Can you give us some more details about what you're doing, or how you're doing what you're doing? What part of EMC (Easy Media Creator) are you using to capture the audio, Sound Editor? And what format are you capturing to, .WAV? .MP3? Then, how are you writing your CD, and are you certain you've selected the Audio CD format, and not the .MP3 disc format? If you look at your disc in Windows, does it show .WAV, .MP3, or ".CDA" files? You want it to show ".CDA" as the extension, which indicates an Audio CD.


So, let us know so we can help you out.

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