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There is no device attached.



I loaded the software the other day and everything went fine there. I then attached my BlackBerry 8703 to my laptop, the BlackBerry synchronization software takes care of it's business but the Roxio Media Manager portion gives me the following message:


"There is no device connected. Please connect your device in order to view its contents."


I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the phone but there is no change in the message received. Even did the reboot and retry... no change.


Also, when I use the Tools, Options menu and then check the BlackBerry tab there is nothing listed in the Selected device dropdown box.


Thank you for any help you can provide.



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Anyone have any suggestions for this issue? I am experiencing it with a brand new Blackberry 8130.


Did any of you install the version of Media Manager that comes with the Blackberry?


I have EMC9 Deluxe Suite on my home PC. On that machine I installed all the BB software EXCEPT MM as EMC9 already has a flavor of MM. This machine can't detect the device.


On other machines in work, at my parents, all without EMC9, I installed all the BB software, including the BB version Media Manager. These machines detect my BB just fine.


What I'd like to know is what to do about the machine with EMC9 on it (and most likely to be EMC10 Deluxe in the near future.)


If I install the BB version of Media Manager, what functionality do I loose?


Should I re-install EMC9 (or EMC10) Media Manager after BB's media manager to regain lost functionality? Do the 2 co-exist just fine?


I doubt the answer is to buy another PC to manage the Blackberry (or remove EMC9/10).



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