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Help! Toast closes after compression / before burning. strange!



Hey Ya'll


So, I have an imac G5 1.6ghz. I have been using toast successfully for a while. I have 7.2 and 8.0 and 8.0.1. Just the other day, it decided to no longer allow me to burn DVD's.....namely, TS folders. Music DVD's are ok and CD's are ok. I use a brand new internal burner AND an external burner. Nothing goes on the discs. it will compress the video, then close. I have scoured the internet and could not find a solution. I have purged files of toast, and rebooted them from the original files. What Gives? Need an experts help, please


thanks :blink:

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So this is happening at the end of the Fit-to-DVD compression.


Some things to try. Trash the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast.


Choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu instead of clicking the burn button. Then burn that disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window. If this works then it appears the drive is going to sleep during the compression process and doesn't awaken when Toast is ready to start the disc burning. Whenever I am doing something that requires a long delay before the burning begins I always choose Save as Disc Image and do this as a two-step process. One reason is that I don't have to start at the beginning if something goes wrong during a burn.

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I am trying that now.....


No, that did not work. As soon as it got close to the end of compression, or maybe it was the very end of compression, it closed and said..."Toast has unexpectedly closed....blablabla" Any other ideas? thanks

That's odd. Is this the case with any VIDEO_TS folder or just one in particular? The possibilities that I can think of is that your Mac is short on hard drive space or that something is amiss with the source files. You also might try trashing and reinstalling the Toast application.

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I know thats odd. yeah, this is with any ts folder. I did already trash and reinstall. Also, I have plenty of hard drive space. I guess it is time to call applecare. But i dont think they will help since it is third party related.


ya know, i think this happened when using DVD2OneX 2.1 also, but i am not too familiar with that program. What other burning software exists. I cant find much out there for mac. Maybe i can see if the same issue persists with another program. That will tell me if it is my computer or not. thanks anyone for thoughts.

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Could the source for the VIDEO_TS be a dual-layer iDVD project? If that is the case then the uncompressed PCM audio used by iDVD may leave too little space available for compressing the video to fit a single-layer disc.


Another thing to test is this:


1. Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop and choose DVD with the top button in Toast's Media Browser.

2. Drag any titles you want that appear in the browser to the Video window with DVD video selected as the format.

3. Set up the menu the way you want and choose Save as Disc Image.

4. Burn that disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window.


4a. Mount the disc image and use the DVD video from VIDEO_TS setting to burn a DVD from the VIDEO_TS that's inside the mounted disc image.

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