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Toast 8.0.1 problems



Hi Folks,


Tiger 10.4.9 and Toast 8.0 worked fine.

Today I installed 8.0.1 and tried to burn some EyeTV movies.


Previously I just put-in a DVD+RW disc with movies from yesterday still on it

and Toast happily accepted it and write on top of it.

The new version insisted on blank DVD so I erased it.

It took a very long time with no indication of progress or estimated time.


Then I burnt the movies. Went fine, until the end: it reported 100% completion

and gave me the opportunity to click on `Abort'.

When I did that, here came the familiar `mount it or eject it' panel.


I checked the thing in iDVD then clicked to stop and eject. It only stopped.

Took half an hour to get the DVD out of the Mac. Toast brought back the already closed iDVD

again and again.


Did I do something wrong, or these things (or a few of them) are features or bugs?

I wonder whether I should re-install 8.0 from the DVD on top of 8.0.1?


Any advice would be much appreciated,



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Hi Mr Guru,


Thank you for your comments. Tonight I tried recording again with another already written DVD+RW.


a) Toast did not accept it, so I wanted to erase it. The tray was opened/closed a lot of times

before I could do that.


B) Now I used fast erase that you suggested. It was really fast. Getting back to recording

the tray was opened/closed a lot of time again.


c) Recording was fine, and this time I got the `mount or eject' options I was used to.


d) Elected `mount' and the iDVD played well. I quit Toast, and asked iDVD to stop and eject.

It stopped. I spent a quarter of an hour trying to eject by many means, including the eject button.

All of them brought back iDVD.


e) A brainwave told me that perhaps this version of Toast did not severe its link with the DVD when

it passed it under the jurisdiction of the iDVD. Jeez, 10 years ago such brainwaves came a lot faster :-[

Reactivated Toast and ejected the DVD from there all right.


Now I can operate the beast, so I won't be turning back, but this experience was not a pleasant one.

I think that this version is a worthwhile upgrade, but it needs its user interface (non-graphical)

thoroughly checked:


f) I would like to propose that Toast would accept not erased DVDs and make erase part of the

the recording usiness. Perhaps this was how it worked before.

Of course, if the user agrees.


g) On exit (e.g. clicking the red button) Toast should relinquish control of the DVD and let whoever

wants to eject it, eject it.


h) Some more intelligence needed re whether the tray is open or closed and to do the right thing

without much user interaction.


Thanks again,



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It should have always been necessary to erase a DVD+RW disc before burning to it again. No version of Toast writes multiple sessions to DVD media and Toast never automatically erases and rewrites to a disc. The disc must be inserted in an available-to-write mode for Toast to accept it as blank media. So your previous experience baffles me.


It sounds to me that something went wrong with the erasing of the disc. Insert the DVD+RW and choose Quick Erase. When the erasing is done (it should take less than a minute or two) then eject the disc and re-insert it. It is now ready to be written anew.

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