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VideoWave 9 - Removing Commercials



I am editing in VideoWave 9 a 1 hour program recorded from TV. I have created markers at the beginning and end of each commercial. When I try to delete the area between the markers using the red X "trim selected sections", it doesn't remove exactly the area I want removed. It is off by at least 30 seconds.


However when I checked the marker locations before the trim operation, (with the < or > buttons), they were in exactly the right place. I appreciate any suggestons. Maybe I am going about it wrong.

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The file was originally recorded by Windows Media Center 2005 as a .dvr-ms, and VideoWave 9 converted it to a .mpg when I imported it.

See if this will help. There are a lot of great tips in the Tips and Tricks area of the V9 forum.

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Guessing, but in case it helps...


Cutting mpg2 (dvr-ms) happens at I frames, though some software will generate I frames so that you can cut anywhere. Haven't done a ton of testing (so far) but it might have something to do with that, &/or the way dvr-ms files are interpreted/handled? Unfortunately don't have any of the MS type files on one of my drives, so testing this out will have to wait...


You might try running your MS files thru DGIndex & VFAPI and editing the proxy avi file you get -- this will re-encode your video though, and might have to convert your dvr-ms files to ts streams to get them into DGIndex. Or might just convert your dvr-ms to regular (not MS format) mpg2 or avi 1st.


Something you might try: Use EMC9's Copy to trim your segments (it can jump to I frames I think) & convert to mpg2, then just join them in Videowave or MyDVD.


EDIT - UPDATE: Using EMC9 Dlx in XP SP2... Testing with dvr-ms from Vista's Media Center, Videowave on import converts files to mpg2 -- extremely handy! Cutting segments from a video clip works the same as other mpg2 video I've tried -- it does a nice job, BUT, I've verified it's limited to the closest I frame. Depending on the size of your imported mpg2 GOPs, and your luck, this can shift your cut 15 or more frames.


Now that was my personal experience, and it's worth mentioning that any dvr-ms file is apparently dependent on the encoder used -- Like .AVI, the dvr-ms format is kind of a container for your recorded mpg2, & mpg2 files can vary quite a bit. Also, recorded DVB streams can be saved as dvr-ms files -- this does not mean that they are the same as a regular mpg2 based video file... additional work may be needed to get these streams to conform to expected file specs.

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