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Toast 7.1.2 - disc space indicator errors



I've come across an issue (only ever noticed but not sure if restricted to)

in Toast 7.1.2 when making Music-DVD's. If the disc space is indicated to be "green"

but getting close to being full, often after all the huge encoding time (anywhere from 9 to 15

hours in some cases) an error msg pops up stating there is not enough space on the media, even though the Toast disc-space indicator bar was still "green."




"There is not enough free space on this disc: 2310816

sectors (4.41 GB) are needed, 2295104 sectors (4.38

GB) are available."


Apparently the calculator algorithm being used is buggy.


No problem seen on making Data discs - if you've pushed the limits too far

the indicator goes orangish to bright red and I've not seen a problem with

"borderline" green / 99.999% full data erroring out during burning, etc.


I'm being more careful to leave some "black" between the end of the green and

the full mark on the space indicator bar but, as in the above example, while I'd

left some "black" apparently it was just short of being enough.


This is a pain in the rear - especially after so many hours encoding,

having to go back and delete some data to make the burn "fit."


Known bug?

Suggestions on how to look at the source files to calculate what the

needed space after encoding might be, until a patch is issued?


Please don't reply with "lower the bit rate," etc. - I want to use the product

as designed - there is a space indicator to let the user know what he can

put on the disc - if this indicator is faulty, then there is a problem.

This indicator should WORK. It is supposed to indicate to the user if at the desired bit rate and

data whether he needs to move to a dual-layer disc if he wants it all on

one disc, or if it is necessary to split between two discs.


Thanks. I hope the moral and legal necessity of continuing to support

Toast 7.x on Panther with all of Apple's current Security Updates, etc.,

is not being set to a low-priority.

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I'll focus only on your issue of what to do after this happens. As long as you haven't quit Toast or deleted anything in the Converted Items folder then you should be able to remove either some titles from the Video window or tracks from within playlists and burn the disc. Toast won't need to re-encode the audio because it uses the files in your Converted Items folder.

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