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issues with saving disc images



I am having issues saving disc images to my portable hard drive using Toast 8.


First, I'm attempting to save Dual Layer disc images to my portable hard drive for future use. I turn compression off and select DL DVD above the burn button, and select "save as disc image" from the file menu. As that point the program seem to freeze and I get the whirly-spinning rainbow. After a few minutes a window asks me if I'm buring single or dual layer. I select dual layer. Then a box appears that says "writing ...".


After it's complete I check the portable hard drive and I've got EIGHT disc images all titled "SAMPLE DISC IMAGE TITLE.TOAST.001" .....002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008. File numbers 002-008 open in itunes, and file number 1 mounts with an error that will cause Toast to crash.


This is so weird and confusing.


When I save the image to the desktop, its saves fine. BUT, when I try to copy it to the portable hard drive it gets all the way to the end and reports an error message.


Please help. Thanks

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