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Music Creator "hangs" when burning CD



Having put together a project in Creator, I go to burn it to CD but this only progesses as far as writing the table of contents, usually to no more than 2%. The system then "hangs"; the "hourglass" displays and the only way to recover is to manually shut down the computor. There is a little action early on, as the burner light flickers briefly--enough to make the blank CD unusable!

The burner is a Pioneer DVR 710; it burns great DVDs, with Sony DVD Architect and great CDs with Sony Sound Forge. The rest of EMC8 seems to work very well, as far as I can tell.

The computor is a Sony Vaio PCV-RX470DS, with 512 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 32 MB VRAM, C Drive is 40GB and D drive, for video and music is 160GB. There are two other external drives for back up. I regularly defrag the internal hard drives! I have Windows XP SP 2, usually up to date, and Norton and Counterspy run regularly. Then sound card is Sound Max, processor is Pen 4. 1.5 Gb

The hang problem does not occur all the time, but happens most of the time! It's obvious that there is a conflict with something, but what? I use Sound Editor to split BBC Radio broadcasts from the net into tracks, which it does easily, then move the project to Music Creator to finish. Incidentally if I try to burn directly from Sound Editor the "hang" still happens!

I'd be very grateful for any thoughts on this----my pile of CD "coasters" is too big!

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