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"white flvs" from original roxio mp4s



Hi there,


I wanted to present this issue I'm having with Roxio mp4s, in hopes that one of the developers will see this message and take a look at it (I know they pop in here from time to time).


I use www.blip.tv as the site to host my videos. I use Video Wave (from Roxio 9) to create videos in "ipod format" from the dropdown menu. They play and upload fine, and play on the ipod fine. However, when blip tries to convert those mp4s into .flv's to play on their website, there is audio, but no video--just a white screen. I am friends with the entire blip team, and they have said it is a problem with the encoding of the mp4s.


Could you please look into this, or drop them an email and see what you can do to get this issue resolved? My username on there is "kitykity" if you'd like to look at some of my older videos with this problem (from April or earlier).


Thanks in advance for your help!


(longtime Roxio user and fan)

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I'm using VideoWave... I have the full 9 suite... and what other mp4 option do you suggest?


Seems like blip tv supports a lot of different things:


<LI>""Multiple Formats. You shouldn't have to choose between great quality Flash video and compatibility with iTunes. Your videos should work everywhere, no question. That's why blip.tv supports every video format under the sun, from Flash 8 (much higher quality than most Flash video) to Quicktime (for the all-important iTunes) to DivX and 3gp (we think cell phones are cool, too).




You might want to check out the options in Disc Copier - Compilation mode. There are more options there.

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