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DAO on a HP



I just installed EMC 8 and when I rebooted i got the DAO installer error.


I just uninstalled EMC 8 and rebooted and everything is fine.


What part of EMC 8 is causing the problem where i maybe able to do a Custom install and not install the problem feature. Is there another way to fix the DAo so it will fix the problem and have everything? I tried Registery Booster and didn't help, only an uninstall works.

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Thanks Ed and Larry


I was doing searches as I posted it here. I was getting all kinds of maybe helps and from folks who would end their suggestions with statements like IT MIGHT, I THINK, I AM NOT SURE, so I was a wee bit reluctant to apply any of them, I wanted something like what Larry Wrote, "try this, this has worked a lot"

I did this


- Unregister it by typing this at the command line-


regsvr32 /u "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\dao\dao360.dll"





2- Register it:


regsvr32 "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\dao\dao360.dll"


Go to START/RUN then copy and paste the Unregister command in the run box. PRess OK

Do the same with the second command to register.


ninja.gif initialize the roxio product you are using.

If this fixes your problem, please post with the video adapter you are using.

This fix so far has worked on all the built by ATI AIW radeon and AVIO cards.


All seems to be working FOR NOW.


Thanks for your polite responses and you offer of help.

It Worked and I am HAPPY again. :D:D




Oh! and Ed, I have been using Roxio and Sonic for years, you are right, they have extremely lousy Support and their New Purchases are Upgrades with all other companies. They are cheap and they are rude, but when they put these Newsgroups on a couple of years ago, it was the answer to my dreams. Good people on these boards who have a sincere desire to help. Too bad Roxio couldn't get the hint about Customer Service.

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