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Bitrate help!



Hi All,


Sorry for the ultra novice questions. Would like someone to advise me on how i can maximise my picture quality. Running vers6 of Dvdit Pro (prob going to upgrade soon but for now this is what im using)


I have about 8 different clips, totalling approx 60mins. Once Ive burnt the dvd i notice that one of the clips in particular is quite grainy(its actually the longest clip). I am importing clean avis straight into the program. Can anyone tell me the best bitrate settings for this (ie VBR or CBR, PCM vs Dolby, and an approx number i should aim for). Burning onto 4.7GB discs and want best possible quality on vision/audio


2) Anyone had any syncing issues with this program? I noticed on one of my clips the audio was lagging by about 12-25 frames


3) Lastly, getting a bit of interlace flicker on one of the clips. Guessing i should de-interlace clip using my Soronsen Squeeze then re-import?


many thanks!!


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Further to that last post guys...


The other anomaly im experiencing is a subtle flicker at the top and bottom of the picture. Its prob only 1-2 pixels high at the very top and bottom of the picture (ie, just before the black bars top and bottom).


Not on all clips and varies in terms of visibility shot to shot. It looks partly transparent (ie, i can see the video playing behind it). Its subtle but is this normal?


thank you,


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Yep you need to de-interlace in sorenson first. But i would suggest also encoding the files in dvd format using sorenson. Its faster and in my experience better quality vs. bitrate than dvdit encoding.


In sorenson you can force the finished size of the encoded clips

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