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Record & Convert video



Basically, I want to record the video/audio from a Macintosh computer monitor-out to archive demonstration sessions.

Consequently, I need to convert the signal for input into a DVD Recorder. Prefer to use Firewire.


I need to select a DVD Recorder.

I'm not interested in broadcast so don't want the Tivo service, just the recorder functions.

Anyone recommend other recorders that can be accessed but don't need a service?


I then want to access the video for editing.

Can I access the recorded video files directly for Final Cut editing?

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If you had a way to create DV video from what's showing on the display you could transfer it digitally via Firewire to a standalone DVD recorder equipped with a Firewire link. I've done that transfer from DV video sources. Otherwise I think you are limited to the analog video output using an appropriate adapter.


What you're wanting to do is beyond my expertise. I'm not even sure what other forum to recommend. Maybe its something you can ask Mike at xlr8yourmac.com.

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If I'm understanding your needs correctly you can get a video connector for your Mac that allows for S-video or composite video connection to a TV. Connecting that along with separate audio cables directly to the analog A-V inputs of any DVD recorder will record whatever is displaying on the screen. However, this results in MPEG 2 files which will need to be converted to DV or MPEG 4 for editing in Final Cut. So a better approach is to connect to the analog inputs of a DV camcorder and record to DV tape. Then use your Firewire link to transfer the DV video directly to FCP. There also are analog-to-digital video converters such as the Canopus ADVC-55 that serve this purpose. But a camcorder works as well and can serve other nice purposes.


There may be software that automatically records the video and audio appearing on screen such as those used to create tutorials and screencasts. I'm not familiar with those.

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What I would like is a Digital Video Recorder that stores to a hard drive and allows me to access/transfer the files via LAN or direct connect.

Second choice is one that writes to a DVD disk that can be read by a computer


Camcorder capture is an option. The main factor is converting the monitor-out to a format that can be put into a recorder. Some recorders have additional IO options, but I haven't been able to tell what will do what I need.

I was hoping to avoid conversion to a composite video format.



The best screen capture is Snapz, but it isn't fast enough to capture the whole screen and run the demonstrated software at the same time.

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