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SlideShow - too many slides?



"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libary:

Runtime error:

Program : C:\Program Files\Roxio\DVDit Pro HD\Roxio DVD it Pro HD.exe


This application has requested the RunTime to terminate it an an unusal way.

Please contact the application support team for more information.



Here is what I was doing:

new project that will end up on a bluray disc

new project

added 425 jpeg files ( 3000 x 2000 )

added all the jpeg files to one slideshow

Burn: to image file


I've tried it with 100 and 200 files and it did work with no errors.


I've tried it with 425 and 660 files and end up with the error.


Is there a log file that DVDit Pro HD creates that might tell me if its one jpeg file it doesn't like?


Note: it did build the VeTL.m2v file correctly and I used that in a new project that will burn to an bluray disc.

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