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Help With Toast V.4.1.2 Deluxe



Anyone know how to get this to recognize so that I don't have to dig out my old SCSI Burner for my G3 233 Desktop machine? I have a USB card installed on the machine (made by MacAlley), and I have Toast Deluxe v.4.1.2 installed with MacOS 9.1.x installed. I need to know if there is a patch or extension that will allow the machine to use the burning capabilities inside Toast as it only recognizes the internal Apple/Matsushita 24x CD-ROM. I was hoping to utilize this burner as it is burn-proof enabled and my old SCSI Que CD-R drive does not. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. On a sidenote, I use version 4.x.x because I upgraded to v.5.x and found that it doesn't make a proper Music CD (not recognized in a stereo or in another computer).

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Toast 4 was created before there were USB CD burners. I don't believe there are any Toast USB extensions for version 4. Version 5 has three USB extensions to enable it to work with many USB drives. You do know that the maximum burn speed via USB 1.1 is 4X so you may want to use that SCSI drive after all.


Meanwhile, users of Toast 5 have probably burned millions of perfectly playable audio CDs. That may be the issue we should troubleshoot here.

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