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DL ?- Get: SenseKey=Medium Error-Sense Code=0x73-0x03



Trying to burn my first Dual Layer

Have Toast 8


Both times I have tried I get:


The Drive Reported an error:

Sense Key=Medium Error

Sense Code=0x73-0x03



Burned both times at x2

Used the DVD tab, put the folder in the "Drop VIDEO_TS folder here"


What is happening can anyone help?





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From what I've read the only reliable DL media is Verbatim DVD+R DL. The medium error you're experiencing is very likely due to a firmware problem in the drive with regard to that brand of media. You can check for a firmware update from the drive manufacturer (or Apple if it is a Superdrive). Also check to see what media brands that manufacturer says it has successfully tested with your model of drive.

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Does this happen when you burn the DL disc from a disc image (e.g. choose Save as Disc Image then burn using the Image File setting in the Copy window).


Not with Disk Utility. I haven't tried burning from a disk image with Toast 'cause I already wasted too many disks using it in Copy mode.

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I've recently acquired a similar problem trying to burn to double layer DVD's with toast.


The lead out fails to be written and I get the message:






I have been burning the same way to the same media (Verbatim disks) for some time now and this problem just cropped up.



It only happens when writing to double layer media.


And only when using Toast .



I can use Toast to burn CD's And single layer DVD's.


And I can burn to double layer DVD's using Disk Utility.



This suggests to me that this is not a hardware problem at all. I've seen the theory that this problem originates when the 10.4.10 update is applied. I can't remember when I applied that update or whether I tried to burn using it. These are definitely the first double layers I've tried to burn since 10.4.11.

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