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tivo sees ibook, won't show pics/music: error#3-0-65535



i bought toast 8 for my ibook dual usb circa 2003 running OSX 10.4.8, but unfortunately it won't run since it's only a 700MhzPPCG3 ibook (needs to be a G4 or better?). My girlfriend just bought a new dual core macbook so I gave it to her and it works great, we can see iphotos and play itunes from her computer thru tivo.


using tivo desktop 1.9.3, my ibook shows up on tivo, but when i select my iphotos or itunes it fails, giving error#3-0-65535, probably because i can't enter my tivo acess key into tivo transfer (since i don't have tivo xfer).


can i work around this, or install tivo transfer another way... or is this computer doomed to tivo isolation?


cheers, noizboy


ps oops, just realized this isn't exactly a tivotogo issue, but any help or redirect will be appreciated.

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