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Problem burning a Data DVD

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I am in the middle of backing up my data on DVDs. I have burned 6 dvd already, with 2 more to go. I am not getting error messages if I try to burn a DVD. The erro messages are:






Can anyone help me to burn a DVD successfully? Thank you.

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E80041882 is 'calibration error', indicating the burner is having a problem with that particular disc.


Have you tried different discs, or discs from different manufacturers?


Have you tried rebooting the computer to clear out the cashe?


(I hope you are not using disc spanning, but instead are creating each DVD separately. If you ARE using disc spanning, I would suggest you use the search function (upper right) and read the frantic reports from people who have used it and now need their data. Try searching for retrieve or D2D or Drag2Disc.)



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I have reboot the computer several times. I am only burning one dvd at a time.

As Lynn suggested, have you tried different discs? In particular, did you just open a new batch of discs when the problem started? Even if they're the same brand and PN as the previous batch, they are more than likely at least a different lot, which could be enough different to cause problems. So, get a few different brands/makes of discs and see if that helps.


Let us know.

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