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End Action Issues



Well, I have 4 titles with videos in each. I specified an end action on each title to, go to a particular menu. It won't go to the right menu when I simulate the disc or when i burn one and play a disc in a set-top player.


Here's my Disc Structure:


Main Menu> (Three buttons linked as follows)


Submenu 1> (contains a infinite loop still image with a hidden return to main menu button)

Submenu 2> (contains a infinite loop moving BG with a hidden return to main menu button)

SubMenu 3> (Goes to another Sub-Submenu called VideosMenu)


VideosMenu> (4 buttons, I'll use one button as an example in the paragraph below)


Button1>BlankMenu1>Title1 (End Action: Return to VideosMenu)>

Button2>BlankMenu2>Title2 (End Action: Return to VideosMenu)>

Button3>BlankMenu3>Title3 (End Action: Return to VideosMenu)>

Button4>BlankMenu4>Title4 (End Action: Return to VideosMenu)>


On this VideosMenu, if you choose a button it takes you to a menu with a Black BG and a hidden button. This button is linked to a title. When this title is finished playing, I've chosen for it to return to the VideosMenu. Instead it always seems to return to the Black BG menu with a hidden button. No matter what I chose for an end action of each title, it always seems to return the BlankMenu that the title was linked from.


Any Help? I just started using DVDit recently, so I might be missing something. But, I'm not all that new to DVD authoring.



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