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Roxio Creater LE- Dell Edition



I've never had a problem burning CD/DVDs before on this program and just recently it began acting up. It keeps ejecting the blank disc out and claiming their is a problem w/ the disc that I am copying. I've been using the same blank disc from the get go. Dell tried once to fix it and claimed it was the RW drive itself that was not functioning. I had a new drive installed today and the problem persists. Any help???


Windows Media Player also shows this when I try it there: Windows Media Player cannot burn the files to the CD. Verify that the disc is clean and not damaged. If necessary, select a slower recording speed or try a different brand of blank discs.

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Mrod, if you've been "using the same blank disc from the get go", it's probably worn out. They do have a limited life which is often a lot less than you expect.


Try a new blank disc, and see how that goes.




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