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Text Transitions?



I have been using EMC7 for quite awhile and now have updated my video editing computer to EMC9.1 and now I can't seem to figure out how to do text transitions since there is an obvious change in the way EMC9 handles color panels and text. In EMC7 the text was tagged or imbedded in the color panel so that transitions between different color panels with text allowed the text to be transitioned with the panels. So if using the same color color panels with text and a dissolve transistion the text in one panel dissolved away and into the text of the next panel.


It seems that in EMC9.1 that the text is now completely independent from the color panels so that I can no longer get the text to fade out/in between color panels. It simply turns on and off like a switch. Can anyone tell me how to imbed the text into the color panels so the transitons will apply to the text in or in front of the color panels??? Or how to apply transitions to the text itself? I have a rush job right now so I haven't got time to research this more right now. I'll just have to live with the jerky quick appearing/disappearing text until I have time to figure this change out.

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Thanks ggrussell,


That worked.

I'm glad that worked for you .


I would have just suggested that you add the text to the internal track of the image and then clicked on the "abc" and selected the motion from there. (speeding ball icon).

Maybe I didn't't understand the effect you wanted? :( Ddi you watch the video about adding scrolling text?

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