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Failed to prepare media for CD-ROM or DVD-RM compatibility.

Not Legit


Computer HP DV8000

Windows XP


I used to do all my burning using the bundled Sonics software that came with my computer. But after awhile the MEDIAHUB.exe started to not close properly after closing. Then recently none of the disks I burned coud be read at all. I tried everything, spent about 6hours with HP tech chats. , formatted my two drives and reinstallled XP, and so in my frustration I decided to buy Easy Media Creator 9 today.

I tried burning a video file using drag to disc function but after pushing eject the closing process doesnot complete and the disk is unreadable. I get a "failed to prepare media for CDROM or DVDROM compatibility".

I tried using classic mode and when I try to play the DVD, I get a "Windows cannot read from this disk. This disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible w/ Windows." message.

I need a resolution on this ASAP please.

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The D2D Close Disc does not work, at least I have never had it work ()….


D2D is a packet writer and like all packet writers, is not considered to be a reliable form of burning. I do not see much point in pursuing this matter???


For Classic you would not be able to use any disc that was formatted for D2D. Not sure that is what you did?


There is another question here. You seem to be throwing software at what may be a hardware problem… How do you know your burner is working correctly?

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