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Cut or splice does not work w Spin Dr.?



:( I've tried to edit parts of my own music with Spin Doctor from Toast 6 and 7 but neither works. The CUT word is greyed out as are many of the other edit abilities.

I've downloaded a free version of Audacity that will do the job but why can't I get the Spin Dr. in my "paid" version of Toast to work?



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No version of Spin Doctor does audio editing other than splitting the audio at track markers.



OK, I just tried to "delete" a part in a music file and it went "poof" and did absolutely nothing to the file.

What good is it to have the words "delete, cut, copy and paste" in the menu if they don't do anything?

And "Split" wasn't even a word that was in there. ??


I am a bit upset because after I pay for all these Toasts and it's applications I find I still have to go to find other "free" applications to get simple tasks done.


Where does the buck stop? Roxio should be able to do it for the fees they charge. Am I missing something?

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CD Spin Doctor is for digitizing audio files, applying its built in filters and separating AIFF files into tracks for export. It is not an audio editing application. There is no application included with the Toast bundle that edits audio or video. Editing media files is not part of the package.

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