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No preview of video in Videowave



Hi, I am a new purchaser of the full Creator 9 Suite and I am tearing my hair out over Roxio products instead of praising them. I cannot get any videos to add to Videowave without getting the error that the file is empty or the media invalid.


What makes this particularly annoying is that I get this even with files that I cretaed using the Video capture supplied with Creator. These will not play back within the capture module I just get a black screen.


The files that are created are however all playable in Media Player 10 and your Media Experience. I have re-installed Creator several times, repaired it from the Control Panel and I never seem to get any errors. However the Videowave functionality is simply unavailable as I cannot put ANY video into the timeline that it thinks is valid.


Please can you help me...


I am running Windows XP Media Edition, brand new and with all updates installed from the auto installer. My video capture card is a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1300 which I have used to create files in a variety of resolutions and formats to see if there was some problem there.


All these files will replay fine using the WinTV player, Media Player 10 and therefore the file formats seem fine to other programmes. As I said your Media Experience programme appears to play them as files.


What is wrong with Videowave that I can fix. I bought the software precisely to create creative DVD's from our Home VHS Videos and therefore I want the functionality of creating a timeline, fades, cutting out bits and so on...


I am getting to the point where I am suffering a sense of humour failure, please rescue Roxio's reputation before I go out and buy Pinnacle Studio and never come buy your products again...!

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You didn't really give us much information other than 'it doesn't work'. We need more info on your computer like video card. Windows Update DOES NOT update DirectX or video card drivers (some exceptions). Both are very important for Videowave and MyDVD. You will have to update those manually.


Do you have other CD or DVD burning software installed? There could be a conflict.


What app did you use to capture and what format did you capture to?


Do you have the latest drivers for the Hauppauge? Sometimes Hauppauge will also update the video codecs that it uses to capture. IF Videowave isn't recognizing the file correctly, could be a codec issue.

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Apologies for missing off a few obvious points.


During the early stages of the problem I found a windows error message during checks of the video driver settings. It complained of a missing mmdriver.inf. After some reading about this driver information file I downloaded a fresh copy and re-instated the file.


After that I performed an "sfc /scannow" of windows to see if any other windows files had been damaged. This appeared to be OK.


I also downloaded the latest copy of DirectX 9.0c from Microsoft because one of the very few error messages that you could see had any content in the Videowave errors stated that DirectX might need to be updated.


I had worried a lot that the codecs had gone missing but I think it was the fact that Media Player and Media Experience play all these files as does the original WinTV application from Hauppauge convinced me that the necessary codecs were installed to play the file. It was just Videowave didn't seem to know about them.


My final complete re-install of Roxio should have corrected any faults in that and it is the fact that it didn't that has had me contacting you through the forum.


Why of all my other players can play the videos can Videowave not, and what can I do to sort this out.


Thanks for the early and prompt post by the way, I appreciate the help...

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I thought I should post a final answer on this forum since I took Roxio's name in vain in my first posting. It turns out that I needed to update my NVidia GEForce 8800 GTS drivers with the latest versions.


However get this, they were only released on the 5th June and so I thought I had the latest set when all this started around a week ago.


Anyway all is well that ends well, I know have my Roxio product working and able to edit the video it has captured. Hopefully the rest of the process will be just great after all this initial pain.


Anyway apologies to Roxio for my earlier uncharitable thoughts...!

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