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EMC9/IE7 Will They Play Nice?



This seems like a simple question, but I can't seem to get any answers. Maybe you guys can help. I cannot use my DVD Burner in EMC 7.5 since IE7 came to my machine. I (ahem) like IE7. :unsure: I have been told by some that EMC 9 will work fine with IE7 even if you're still using (gasp) Windows XP like me. Before I shell out the dough, does anyone know if that is true from your experiences (you guys seem light years beyond me)?

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The jury's still out on that one - some people are not having any problem, others are


Personally, I wouldn't let IE7 near my computer (it's an overblown, non-W3C compliant piece of garbage ;)


The browser of choice with the regular (and conscript) people here is Mozilla Firefox

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