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PS3 does'nt see my disk, Heeeeelp!

Dominic I


Finaly got to play my Blu Ray disc on a Samsung BDP1000 and it played perfectly. My problem is that my client is set on a PS3 and probably has brought one this weekend. I have played my disk on two players, one with V1.54 firmware the other 1.70 firmware. Neither of them see the disk, when you scroll along to the video icon there is nothing.


I have installed the PS3 patch into DVDit Pro HD and as far as i know i've done it properly (well i did it as the instructions say). I've suggested to the client that he upgrades to V1.80 if it wont play, what else can i do.


After reading a few other posts i thought i'd add that no erroe message/number comes up it just seems not to see the disk

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I'm using Verbatim (Blu-Ray BD-R Recordable 25GB 1-2 X speed. I've allways gone for Verbatim, as far as i was aware there are only a few disk manufactues in the world, most of the others being branded with a differant name. I could try a Sony but i dont think they make there own disks, i think there made by TDK (but i could be wrong.


I could understand diffarent media playing better/worse than another but i would find it difficult to belive that the PS3 would not even see certain types of media. If it wont see Verbatim disks the it is'nt going to see about 50% of the disks produced.

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