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Global Warming and PCs


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"...Taskforce to tackle 'cyber warming'



Global warming caused by computers is to be tackled by a new Government taskforce.


Growing evidence suggests "cyber warming" from computers and IT is as big a polluter as the airline industry, responsible annually for the same level of climate-changing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


An estimated 35 million tonnes of CO2 is generated each year from the production, operation and disposal of IT, such as PCs, printers and monitors. Around 13 million UK PCs are disposed of each year.


The Government has now appointed a new public-private taskforce led by Manchester City Council to tackle the issue.


The Green Shift programme incorporates a ground-breaking "green PC" service. Compared with a standard PC, it uses 75% fewer resources in production, 98% less energy in operation and lasts three times as long, it is claimed.


It does this by using the massive increase in broadband take-up to change the way the PC functions, such as Office applications, email and internet surfing.


They will be hosted in a network of "green" data centres rather than on individual PCs and delivered to users through a broadband connection, in the same way companies such as Google and Yahoo deliver services like webmail.


The data centres will use concentrated energy efficiency measures such as non-fossil fuel power and low carbon build.


Central hosting will remove the need for a complex, energy-hungry PC in each household and users will be able to access the service through a small desktop box which is simpler and less energy-intensive.


Piloting of the new green PC service is projected to start in early 2008, ready for use in late 2009...."




Now if they can't stop you using encryption to protect privacy, then...........

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