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Blur Photo Background



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Is it possiable to blur the background of a photo in PhotoSuite.


Using Photosuite, there is only one way I know of to do what you want, and it can be very tedious. Here is how:


1. Open your picture in Photosuite.

2. In the Task Pane window, click the ALL tab, click the down arrow for Tools, and select Mask/Cutout Edge Tracing.

3. Here is the tedious part. Follow the directions in the window and trace around the object you DO NOT want to blur. Somethings that help with accurate tracing are to zoom in on the object and take small steps when tracing.

4. Click Done Tracing when complete, then click the Invert Selection Button.

5. Click the down arrow for the Enhance tab in the Task Pane window

6. Select Special Effects, find the BLUR effects, and click on one of them. The background should turn blurry.


That all may sound complicated, but it is rather easy after you have done it once or twice. The tracing will always be somewhat tedious especially when you have to trace a very irregular object.


Hope that helps

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