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Errors importing subtitle





Could somebody please tell me if there's a way around the following problem or how to go about creating valid subtitle streams?


This for Pro HD 6.3 under XP SP2.


I've imported an HD-DVD video stream (.m1v) with a corresponding audio one (.ac3). They are playing back fine in simulation mode. I'm now trying to import their subtitles but so far no luck.


The original subtitle was in .&%$ format which I converted to the supported .SUB using Subtitle Workshop.

The Workshop doesn't find any errors in the original or converted subtitles.


DVDit on the other hand, gives 5 "not supported invalid timecode string" in some spread out lines, followed by a "subtitle script file contained a format error" near the middle of the file.


What is it that it expects that the Workshop misses?


Thanks in advance.




This must be the quickest fix ever.


I was working in parallel as I was writing up the problem description and came across the fix.


I had a look at the line in the middle of the file where DVDit stopped.


It had a line split where the second line started with a numeric ('1000 soldiers' or something like that).


In Workshop, I changed the split in the sentence so the second line started with a non-numeric word and imported it again into DVDit.


Magically, all the earlier timecode errors disappeared and it went past that middle of the file line.


It gave another bad format error further down and that came out to be another split line with a numeric starting the second line.

A similar fix in Workshop resolved that error too and the file imported fine at last.


On with the rest...



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