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Computer security and access by Roxio




XP and Vista must allow software makers servers to access your computer.

Thats not a problem but how do you achieve something less weird than looking

like they want to reduce bandwidth and cpu time.


2007-06-11 13:27:31;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:33;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:36;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:37;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:38;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:38;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:40;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:41;;;;ICMP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:46;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:47;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:49;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:50;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:52;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:54;;;;ICMP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:54;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:56;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:56;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:27:58;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:00;;;;ICMP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:01;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:07;;;;ICMP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:07;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:08;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:10;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:12;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:12;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:14;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:17;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:20;;;;TCP;Allowed

2007-06-11 13:28:20;;;;ICMP;Allowed


Is that normal for access. Who do I talk to about what I think is a problem.

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Port 80, while it may appear to be TCP, is in fact HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) - used for transferring web pages. There is a dynamic section in the home app that does connect to the web (that's the bit that gives the spiel on offers, the BUMP update for Vista etc)


The final part you sent


2007-06-11 13:28:20;;;;ICMP


That's a private Intranet address and nothing to do with anyone outside your network

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2007-06-11 13:27:31;;;;TCP;Allowed


2007-06-11 (date)

13:27:31; (time)

;; (the IP address its looking for)

80; (the port its using port 80 is the internet port as gi7omy has said)

TCP (the protocol used)

Allowed (the access level)


Hope that helps you understand it?

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