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Movie rental deal in works for Apple iTunes


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11.06.2007 -" Apple is currently in talks with Hollywood studios, including Universal and Paramount, for a movie rental deal delivered via its iTunes store."



Interesting. I'm truly amazed with how easy it is to watch hours upon hours of video a month.


- Did you know that NetFlix has an 'instant viewing' option?


"This feature allows Netflix members to instantly watch movies on their PCs. It is included in your monthly membership plan at no additional charge. To watch movies instantly, you need to download and install the free Netflix Movie Viewer......


If you pay $18 a month for 3 movies at a time, you can 'instant view' 18 hours of movies, tv shows, etc. a month.


- And AOL has In2TV where you can watch old and new tv shows for free http://television.aol.com/in2tv

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