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How do you know what Roxio Product you have installed on your Dell Demension 8200?

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How do I know what roxio product I have on my Dell Deminsion so that I may upgrade it.

It seem imbedded with the xp cd writing wizard.

If it came with your Dell, it's likely not upgradeable but you might want to contact Dell about it. On the Dell web site, if you log in, you can type your service tag number in and get your 'current system configuration' information.

You may also try Belarc Advisor which will give you more info on your computer than you care about. I'm not so sure what info on OEM software you'll find though.

Finally, you could take a shot at calling Dell support.

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What ever Roxio program it is, when you open up the program to use it, isn't there a menu at the top that you can click for "help" that says "about this product" or something similar ? Most programs have this on the help menu and will give you the product name and version number.



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