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MyDVD9 Chapter Linkage: Another BUG?



Experienced EMC 6/7/9 user editing a Wedding Tribute with 2 Videos: 1 Intro Movie (also optioned in Main Menu) and 1 40 minute production (Main Movie) with 8 Chapter Marks. Similar to the Button Thumbnail Motion timer not saving, I can NOT get the last Chapter to save it's "Mark".


Under Main Menu - Chapter Edit - Main Settings Option - Link, the structure is to GO TO the Main Movie, PLAY FROM Chapter 8 (the last Chapter), AFTER PLAYING link to the MAIN MENU. Problem is, whenever I change screens (any) and go back to this Chapter Edit, the PLAY FROM defaults to Chapter 1 - no matter what I do. All the other Chapters PLAY FROM their selected MARKS just fine. And yes the Chapter 8 marker is still in tact in the video - Preview validates as such - it just will not save if I move to another screen.


Anyone have a fix?

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I am assuming you are using the 'unlinked button' feature and then linking that button using the link option?


Looks like you have found a bug. If you use the standard way of creating chapter buttons on a submenu, I don't see this problem.



Actually, this button is the last of 8 generic buttons auto-generated by the Sub-Menu function(s) once I marked the video (manually). They all linked to their marks properly .... but for some reason this "PLAY FROM" field, on the last chapter, does not stick - I have to start the burn from that screen to get it right - the minute I change screens (any of them) it reverts back to Chapter 1. I have also checked all the physical issues on my computer as well (Dual Core 3GHz - 1GB RAM - upgraded nVidia 7300 drivers - etc)


Since then, I have noticed OTHER things that flare up:


1) Sub-Menu audio (different from Main Menu) has not saved properly and must be re-saved.

2) The Button Transition Effects have failed to save

3) The Button Highlight Schemes are sometimes modified.

4) When "reviewing" a sub-menu chapter, it program will occassionally wipe out the entire sub-menu when you "return to menu"

5) Really frustrating here - when you save "media" on different physical media (NAS in my case), the program interface makes it VERY cumbersome to change the origin of files if that media-source is unavailable - choosing to omit that element and basically render the project "unburnable"


I VERY MUCH LIKE THE ROXIO SUITE and just want to see it get better - there's nothing quite like it for the money.


However, MyDVD9 has issues and I would suggest some focus on improving the reliability of the "editing" functions - the "creation" functions seem to work just fine.

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You need to expand the info on all of these so we can report them. Step by step.


Except #5 - EMC 9 is NOT network aware. This has been covered several times. Like most Windows applications, EMC9 is designed for all files to be stored on a local hard drive.

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