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I guess I've been away from the boards, too long. :) I'm a newbie now and trying to get use to the new boards. I've been real busy with kids and Grand kids. Anyway to the subject!



This is a ATI problem. I had it during the testing (I updated my drivers and ATI to 9.6 MMC thats what started it. I fixed it by finding the DAO.msi copying pasting into a folder. I didn't right down where I found it, (or how I did it it just happened and it was fixed) but I thought it was with a file search or off one of my OFFICE CD's Office XP is the only Office program that uses DAO.msi. File search doesn't work and I gave my Office XP to my son-in-Law when I updated to Office 2003. I can't find DAO. msi nowhere on my PC-the people saying DAO.360.dll thats not the same we are looking for Windows install file DAO.msi so when it goes to configure you can hit the browse button direct it to the location and it's down deal. It's suppose to be in the Temp or -Locals~whatever mine says something like C:\DOCUME~1\JIM\LOCALS~1\Temp\_is63\ then gives the old 1706 error




Now I have the problem again (I put in a new hard drive Loaded new drivers for my 9600xt ATI card. Everything went great then I loaded C8 and I'm in DAO hell.

Talking to ATI after MMC 8.8 DAO (UCI) they are using their version of Microsoft's DAO. Their solution doesn't work and it is a nightmare to do and still you have the problem. They call from everything from reg deletion to GUID deletion inf. pnf deletion to don't use that video software. The other is download Microsoft's version DAO well I've been searching for that download they give me the link MDAC not the same.




I'm still working on this and theirs alot of people out their blaming Creator from 7 to 8. IT'S NOT A CREATOR PROBLEM.


Creator does manipulate data and may spark the DAO to configure. I don't know if I did I'd get the big bucks. Their are web sites doing just that saying for ex-# of bucks we have a fix the DAO.msi problem. I'll work on my own solution first.


This is a problem for ATI users. Creator is not the only software that DAO jumbs out to install reading the bloggs Nero, Vivo, Tvo, etc several others.


Question: Why does DAO do the same thing on boot. Windows boots and first thing DAO try's to configure and install. It's already installed. The software is not to blame at that point.


We are not alone:





there's a daocheck program free to see what yours is doing



I'm working on my solution for my problem will post when I get it and I think I know what I'm going to do next.

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