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Disappointed with this product



I had high hopes for this product. I mainly purchased it because it allowed me to work with my TIVO files. Not without some problems, lock ups while editing shows, etc.. I wrote that off that my computer just wasn't up to speed using s 2.93 celeron. I recently upgraded to a 3.4 Ghz P4 and also upgraded my 1.00Gb of RAM, even upgraded my video card to a NViDIA geoforce 7600 gs (mainly because I wanted to play newer PC games). I finally had to burn to DVD one of my home DV videos. That is where the frustration began. First there was the encoding errors, then I followed everything I read thus far (defrag'd, updated video drivers, ensured up to date DirectX, etc..) and I even rolled back my IE 7 to IE 6 which did eliminate the encoding errors but now I have that dreaded audio and video out of synch eventually syndrome. Now I've read suggestions regarding that as well and when I have to strip the audio from the video files then re-edit it back in in order to make it work is where I draw the line. Now thinking this was just my machine I used another P4 3.2 machine and it would burn without all the defraging, etc.. and it looses the synch after 5-6 minutes. I had a products that came with older DVD burner and it was rather reliable but I thought I'd upgrade to Roxio for what it promised, man I was wrong. I can take that other product (Arcsoft ShowbizDVD) and take my AVI file and burn like crazy without problems. To me that sounds like some kind of encoding problems with the MPEG-2. I guess I never noticed (other then the freezing up, Ctrl-ALT-Del to start over) the true problems until I tried to edit the AVI file and create a home DVD movie. Now looking through the Roxio customer support search I find not a thing about this or even how to correct properly that out of synch issue. I consider myself pretty PC savvey but I've wasted the last 2 days trying to sort out why this problem exits


Windows XP Pro SP2 (was running IE7)

Office 2007 Professional and other various software applications

P4 3.4 Ghz 1.00 Gb RAM

NIVIDIA Geoforce 7600 GS 256KB

80 Gb and 120 Gb Hard drive

DVD player, CD/CDR recorder, DVD Dual layer Firewire recorder


Unless I can figure out an easy solution to the out of synch problem I believe Arcsoft will get my upgrade money soon. I really liked the Roxio Media 9 idea or choices but they apparently don't all work without some sort of excuse. Oh ya I did start any applications from the application itself and not through the Roxio Home which some people also said solved all their problems. I intend to load IE7 back on and I'm betting that the Arcsoft product will still work properly. I mean is it IE7 and perhaps Office 2007 that doesn't play well with Media 9??? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel that will patch this? I've tested the theory on more then one machine and same results.


Signed frustrated Roxio consumer.

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IE 7 doesn't play well with any program. Out of sync is an issue that most video editors 'can' have - even Arcsoft. Read other forums at Adobe and Pinnacle. There will be tons of posts on the subject. I've been using EMC 9 since it was released and only had OOS once. It seems to occur more when trying to edit MPEG files and much less with DV AVI files captured from camcorders.


The $64,000 question is why does it happen more often on some computers and not others. What may work for one person, may not work for another. I've read stuff on the net for many hours and there is no one answer that fits all.

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