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Burning Photos to DVD



I have been using CDs to store my photos [i use Photoshop so file extensions include JPG, PSD and TIF.] When I experienced a file corruption in Windows XP, I had to reload the program after reformatting the hard drive. Fortunately all my files were retrievable before the reformat.


I just burned my first DVD using EMC 8. While it appears all the folders [and pictures] were burned to the DVD, when I try to read the disk, that is - the directory [folders] I burned, I get no response.


Note, I did not format the DVD before I burned in the files - don't know if that's necessary.

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If you just want to store some photos on a CD, use EMC "Creator Classic" program and burn to disc. If you burn the disc and still have lots of room left on that Disc, then when you burn the first disc, don't close it. Then you can come back later and using Creator Classic again you can burn some more files to the same disc (i.e. muti-session disc)



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When you right-click on the CD and check "properties", does the size look like about the amount of MB you burned to the CD? Or just a MB or so (or less)?


I have known of a number of instances where people have carefully made a layout, and then saved the layout and burned it to CD - as opposed to using the layout to burn the files to CD.


They have carefully saved the shopping list and tossed out the groceries.


Usually, there is no undoing it.



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