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EMC 9 vs EMC 7.5

grandpa  don


I use ROXIO EMC for photo prints (weekly) and slideshows


As some may recognize from Mar, Ap[ & May I stalled out on using Videowave 9 to edit a video for the first time, without getting to slide show.


PHOTOSUITE 9 wouldnt work at all. And thats what I bought it for!


I went back to 7.5 and am sucessfully (I think) creating a slideshow from about 1000 slides & turning out regular prints weekly for my family & fellow serior residents.(120 Quilts last week)


I need to be convinced whether I should struggle some more with 9, demand a new copy, or demand a refund, or eat my finacial loss..

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I also had 7.5, but had a computer crash and was unable to find my cd. So, I purchased 9.0 about 6 months ago. I have yet to complete a successful project with 9.0. Haven't been able to burn the first thing due to a problem with registering mpeg bug. I can't even make a decent cd label.


My opinion. Stay with 7.5. I wish I had it still. I am in the process of removing all 9.0 items from my computer. I don't want anything to do with it.



this is strictly my opinion, a true amatuer.

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