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Sonic UDF Reader Problems

Theodore E. Bear


I downloaded files onto a CD-RW on another computer which has Sonic UDF Reader. My home computer does not. I try to use the CD-RW in my own computer, and it prompts me to download it. I try, but I get a message stating it cannot be downloaded (though I am online). I tried running the updateudfreader_7 program and restarting the computer. Nothing happens.


I tried downloading the reader from "http://support.sonic.com/dwnld/udf_download.asp?..." and entering a code given to me by Roxio, but it redirects me to "http://support.sonic.com/default.asp?product="


So far, the Self Service at Sonic Solutions has been no help. How can I get the Sonic UDF Reader so that I can read the CD-RW?

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try the adapetec udf file download, I too for the past week have been getting my system restarting at the windows log on screen its the udf reader file forcing a restart. try fully registering your roxio suit or unistall it complety and re install it with the update cd second suit 9.0 has two cds install them acccoriding to the insrtustions but run the roxio install only no other programs in the background this will usually do the trick, after sucessful install re download the udf file see if that works.


p..s I am a techy trying to troulbe shoot the problem myself, I'll keep yall posted on my findings. their has to be a simple fix to this.

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