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Not able to burn disc.



I keep receiving this message right before the project completes.


internal software error: \build\DVDit_apprel63\Code\DVDit_App\DVDCreator\SWVideoCodec\libraries\M2VFrameEncoder.cpp, line 165 -2

Illegal mode and size for DVD.


What does that mean? The remaining space left in my project is nearly 600 MB.

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Yes I did try creating an image file as well, and I get the same error.


Two files:


file type Video and Audio (MPEG-2:AC3)

file size 4.3 GB

bit rate 4965.2 kbps



file type Audio (AC3)

file size 21.5 MB

bit rate 5135.9 kbps

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The video is a recording from a VCR tape which is now on a DVD. I wanted to use the video and create nice menus to go along with it. The title menu contains a custom background picture with the audio file playing in the back. The chapter menu is a motion menu which displays the videos from each chapter. I tested out a small file with no motion menus and no background music, and it was successful. Then I tested with the small clip, but with motion menus and background music, and it gave me the same error message.

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I just did another test. I used the motion menu, but I set the highlight button setting (forgot what it was called) to None instead of Button subpicture layer (I think that's what it's called). I am able to burn, but there is no way to tell which chapter is highlighted in the chapter menu.


EDIT: I just turned on the button subpicture layer, and the project works. I'm not sure, but the problem may be the transcoding. With these recent tests, the setting was on high quality CBR. When the problem came up in the beginning, the setting was on low quality VBR.


EDIT 2: Yep. It's definitely a problem with the VBR setting. I set it to CBR, and everything works fine.

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