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.AVI file caution



Be careful of video in the Window’s .avi format in both Videowave & MyDYD... Full-size video will be distorted and either letterboxed or cropped; it is easily verified comparing before and after snapshots. I think that this is likely an attempt at simplifying video for new users, and if so, understandable – pixel aspect ratios can be confusing to a lot of folks.


Bottom line: As far as I can tell the only cure is to avoid importing full sized .avi video into Videowave or MyDVD. Maybe things will change in later versions, but for now both Aspect handling options are incorrect for 720 x 480 .avi files.

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Be more specific. What codec in those AVI files? AVI is just a container so any codec can be used. I use DV AVI exclusively and haven't had a single problem. Perhaps your problem is codec related and not the software.

Thanks -- now folks at least know DV probably isn't a problem. :D


I noticed it dragging a clip to the timeline so I could check something grayed out in the menus actually. I tried a couple of other known good clips over & same thing. It's not a codec problem as far as I can tell -- the clips open &/or play fine in other software -- but it is something that I wanted to point out as PAR problems are easy to miss... Video at the wrong PAR isn't unheard of on Cable, & AFAIK no one complains. :lol: L, you can point it out to 10 people and maybe 5 will see it. :mellow:


My guess is that Sonic figured it was safer not to include a way to set the PAR, or perhaps it was part of scaling the EMC9 apps down so as not to compete with their other products? I'd guess they felt it safer as well to include a default behavior: if the format wasn't on the list, treat it as Square PAR cause maybe they got it on-line or something and maybe it is?


But at any rate it's something that I wanted to bring up 'cause the surest way to get into trouble is if/when working with family video, make the women look fat. :angry:

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