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Turn on CC for software players



If you don’t re-encode / re-compress your mpg2 video containing Closed Captions [from a DVDR for example], the CC is normally preserved. To view it on a PC however requires editing the files MyDVD writes, selecting the option to create the files in a folder on your hard drive.


Use IfoEdit (free-ware), opening the "VIDEO_TS.IFO" file, double clicking on the video in the lower window, and checking the 2 boxes under "CC for Line 21". Click OK & save the file.


There is no harm if you select the wrong video (there are more than one) – you want the line below "Title Set X:" [where X = a number]... The lines you want start off: "VTS_X Video: MPEG-2..."


The VIDEO_TS.IFO file is sort of a master – you also need to repeat the above step for each separate video title in your DVD with CC. Each title set will have one "VTS_0X_0.IFO" file [again where X = a number]. The one’s with your main movies are usually followed by the largest .VOB files.


Open the VTS_0X_0.IFO files in IfoEdit, in the lower window double clicking the line below: "Title Set (Movie) attributes:" – it should start out: "Video: MPEG-2..." Again save the file.


Note: IfoEdit has a bad habit of letting you edit 1 IFO file while another is selected in the upper window – when you go to save the file, you’re really saving the one selected up top, not the one you want. Either make sure the correct file is selected, or close & re-open IfoEdit for every file.


It’s not necessary to perform this edit except to enable CC using PC software players.

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