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Enable / disable buttons on player remote



Video DVDs contain separate lists of Prohibited User Operations that apply to menus and videos. Their purpose is to turn off various features on your DVD player’s remote, and they can be easily edited using IfoEdit. Some restrictions are good – switching audio tracks or opening the audio menu is useless if you don’t have multiple audio tracks or an audio menu. Other default restrictions set by MyDVD can eliminate useful functions.


To edit PUOps in IfoEdit:


Note: You’ll have sets of similarly named & numbered IFO & VOB files – i.e. VTS_02_0.IFO, VTS_02_0.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB... MyDVD creates one of these title sets for each feature video, and it creates 1 set – in my experience the very last set – for your menus.


For Title videos, first open the relevant VTS_0X_0.IFO [where X = a number]. In the upper window click and expand the line: VTS_PGCITI, selecting: VTS_PGC_1. In the lower window double click on the line: Prohibited user operations, make your selections, and save the IFO file. Repeat for other title sets.


You probably won’t need to worry about menu PUOps because normal (most) restrictions are already set by MyDVD, but just in case... Open the last (highest number) VTS_0X_0.IFO file [again where X = a number], expand the line: VTSM_PGCI_UT in the upper window... You should see several lines: PGC_Menu_1, PGC_Menu_2 etc. Most of these are dummy menus the viewer will never see – to determine which menus will be visible select one of the lines and check the second and third lines in the lower window: Number of Programs & Number of Cells. If these have a value of 0 there’s no video attached, the viewer will never see it, and for this menu PUOps are irrelevant. When you come to a menu with programs & cells, set the PUOps by double clicking on the line: Prohibited user operations in the lower window and save the IFO file.


IfoEdit Note: When you have multiple files open it’s possible to have one IFO file selected in the top window, yet have the most recently opened IFO file shown in the lower window. Editing works as expected, but the file that’s saved is the one selected in the top window. So, either make sure you have the correct file selected, or only open one file at a time.


Several programs give you the option of just removing all PUOps, which can be easier than worrying about editing IFO files. If you’re the only one who will ever view the DVD that’s fine, but otherwise it can be very confusing to viewers... A LOT of people have problems with remotes, particularly since we often have several laying around for TVs, stereos, cable boxes and so on. When a viewer hits a button and a message pops up saying something like: "That’s not allowed", they know to press another button. If they hit the same button and nothing happens, they’re faced with all sorts of possibilities: "Is the remote dead?"; "Did I do something wrong?"; "Maybe I didn’t press it hard enough, or point it just right?"; "Do I have the correct remote?"... The list can go on and on, and once distracted &/or upset, your DVD may be half over before they truly calm down to enjoy it.

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