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Audio out of sync with video



Thanks for all your help. I have imported several movies (1 to 3 hours) from VHS tape using Media Import and Instant Xpress capture card. On some movies, the video and audio is perfectly synced. On others, it is out of sync by 1 to 3 seconds with the audio following the video.


Following suggestions in this forum, I extracted the audio from the imported MPG file and saved it as a WAV file. Then, per your suggestions, I added the WAV file to the music track and muted the native audio. However, the problem still occurred.


I then opened the VideoWave (XML) project file in Notepad to view its coding. I experimented with changing the mute options, the inpoint times, etc. Sometimes it helped, but did not resolve the problems. Then, I tried setting the <startOffset dt:dt="r8">0</startOffset> tags for the audio which helped some more. Finally, I set the startOffset time to minus 1 (-1.0). That seemed to resolve the problem in one movie.


If this theory really works, there is no need to extract the audio track, to add it in to the project or to add anything (panel, etc.) before the movie.


Does anyone have any experience with tinkering with the XML code in the project file? Am I on the right track (no pun intended)? Does anyone know what the various XML tags refer to? I looking to see if anyone else has done this kind of thing successfully.


Many thanks to all.

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