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Features from older versions of EMC



Is it me, or does Roxio seem to put out newer versions of EMC too quickly? I always get excited by the new


features they add to new versions, but as soon as I install i wish I'd never bought it. Roxio doesn't seem to


get the bugs out until a few months after sell a few million copies. For instance, I liked the idea of ripping


CDs onto my hard drive. If the disc was labeled properly, my computer would recognize it and fill in the disc


info (artist/album/track #) automatically. If it didn't I could easily type it in myself. That was with EMC 7.5. I


just upgraded, and I'm still looking for the feature. Does anyone know how I can submit feedback to Roxio;


or even better, does anyone know how to fill in the info I'm talking about?

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Many companies crank out yearly upgrades to keep the cash flowing. Extremely fast updates in hardware facilitate upgrades in software. Vista came out so companies had to make their software Vista compatible. Larger hard drives and faster systems allow for much more customization with video and audio work, therefore, newer and larger software.

This is just my simple thinking only. There's always a learning curve and I think, always something new that's good and something they left out or took out that's bad. :(

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...does anyone know how to fill in the info I'm talking about?
You can still use Creator Classic and it seems to have more options for filename structure. First, are you ripping a commercial audio CD or a home-made CD with CD TEXT? Both are similar, but a CD with text does not require the internet.


Creator Classic uses CDDB onver the internet so you MUST BE CONNECTED first.

Run Creator Classic

Check settings - click on TOOLS / OPTIONS

Click on the Copy Tracks TAB and choose the folder, file type (MP3 etc), audio format, compression settings, and file name structure. Click OK

Insert the audio CD into your drive

When the drive reads the disc, you should see an animated icon in the upper left corner of your monitor that CDDB has been accessed. The song titles should then be listed automatically.

To rip, just drag a track to the project pane in the lower right.

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