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"Unspecified error [0x80004005]" - anyone got a solution?

Bill Prentice


I'm fighting this error and can't seem to find an answer anywhere - even my google-foo has failed.


I have a disc that was made internally at the company I work for by a different group without copy-protection. I'm trying to pull 7 of the 11 chapters off to create a new disc. Everytime I try to burn the new compilation using Disc Copier it comes back with "Unspecified eorror [0x80004005]"


Anybody got any clues?

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I too am seeing this error when trying to create a video compilation.

I do NOT have MS Office on this PC

I am NOT trying to burn it to a DVD (creating a disk)

I AM trying to compile a bunch of chapters from music DVDs that i ripped to my hard drive, essentially creating a custom play list.

Clue #1 - some chapters compile just fine, others cause the error to pop up every time. If i remove them it works great! So far only pattern is the good/bad are from different ripped DVDs.

Can anyone suggest a way to determine what is different between the VOB files?

All i can say is "unspecified frustration!"

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If the music DVDs you are ripping are commercial ones, there are two things you should know


1: They are almost certainly copy protected

2: No commercial s/w will break copy protection (it's illegal)

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