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How do you auto sync to BlackBerry 8800


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I have downloaded the BlackBerry Media Manager by Roxio for my BlackBerry 8800 device. I have installed it and have been able to move media files to my 8800.


I cannot figure out how to automatically "sync" or move files from the Media Manager to the device when I connect the device to my PC. I can move them manually but I would like the media files to move over automatically like with an ipod.


Appreciate any help.....

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Curious why my thread was moved over here? What is Roxio Labs and what does my question have to do with Digital Media Archive?


THe Blackberry app is based on Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 - which is where I originally posted. Just don't want it to get lost over hear.

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It was moved over here probably because the members of the EMC 9 board had no clue what product you were referring to. The IPod automatically transfers all songs over because It knows to only transfer audio files over. A blackberry can hold any type of file, so an auto transfer would, in theory, transfer every file from your computer onto the blackberry... Not a good plan.


If you want, you can just use windows explorer to copy all the files you want to transfer over into a folder, and then just move that folder over.


Please note: I don't actually have your product, I'm just generalizing from what I know about transferring files.

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Let's compare to itunes.....


itunes doesn't copy over all the music on your PC, just the stuff you have imported into your itunes "library". Likewise, Roxio Media Manager allows you to RIP CDs, copy pictures, etc. INTO its library. It even has a feature called Watch Folders that automatically moves files from a foler on you PC into the library. What it doesn't do (that iTunes does) is let you automatically move them to the device.


If I conciously bring them into the library, I would think I would want them to automatically sync. No?

Maybe not even the default behaviour but at least a configuration option.


With respect to where my post goes - i'm new to any Roxio stuff. All I know is that the splash screen on the software says Easy Media Creator 9.



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Well, I guess it depends on how automatic you want it. If you want it to detect when you've connected your blackberry, and transfer the files, then no, it won't do that. But you can just transfer all files. If you keep naming conventions the same, it should overwrite old files with newer ones and such, as is the windows convention.


So short answer, no, it can't do what you want it to do.

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In the Media manager:


Go to Tools > Sync Settings. This will open up the Synchronization Wizard.

Select your Blackberry and follow the on-screen instructions.




In the top part of the window, browse to and select the media files you want to synchronize with your Blackberry.

In the bottom part of the window, click the My Media tab.

Click the + sign beside the My Synced Devices Smart View to expand it.

Click the + sign beside the Blackberry Smart View to expand it.

Drag the media files into the appropriate Blackberry Smart View.


When your Blackberry is connected to tyour PC, right-click the Blackberry Smart View and choose Sync files to device.

The media manager will begin transferring the files using the transcooding options you defned on the Blackberry options diaglog box.


I hope this helps.

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