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Cryptic Error Message



Help - I'm new to this software. Installed and running DVDit Pro 6.0, seemed like it was working OK, I was able to import clips, create a menu, then when I try the simulate menu, the program just crashes. When I simply try to view a video clip I get this long strange error...


Operating System Error: HRESULT =0x80041217 -No combination of intermediate filters could be found


Any ideas? suggestions?

Running Windows XP on an AMD Athlon 1800 processor, 1GB RAM, Matrox Video Card





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sounds codec related. what kind of video are you using? divx?


I've imported in .m2v files captured by my Matrox x.100 capture card. When using DVDid PE, I never had any problems.


Also, the other really frustrating error is when attempting to view a video, I double click on it which loads it on the right hand side, and if I hit play, the program immediately crashes.


I was fairly happy with Dvdid PE, but want to burn to Dual Layer Disks and looked like Pro was the only program that would do that.



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does DVDIt! PE come with that Matrox card?



It came with DVDit LE, which I upgraded to PE sometime in 2003. Trying out Pro for burning DL DVDs.


I'm open to some other authoring tool that supports DL if I can't get this Pro version to work.

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