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can i do this with roxio creator le?



Not sure if I'm in the right section or not:

I have 2 audio tracks. Track 1 ends with a fade out. Track 2 begins with a fade in. I'm wanting to "bleed" the 2 together (when 1 starts fade out, 2 starts fading in), but i still want it to where a cd player would count it as 2 separate tracks (track 2 starts counting bout halfway thru fade out/in)

any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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This would be a how to/usability question, so its technically in the wrong section.


Theres two ways to do this. The first is to edit the clips manually in sound editor. Its worth a try to do it this way once so you can learn how to use sound editor.

The second is: in music disc creator, change the fade type so it is however you want it to (Go with the diagonal line for a basic fade out/in.). Then, in the transition column, change the transition type so it is set to overlap. Change the duration for the overlap, and you now have what you want.


edited for grammer.. might change it later because the second sentance still doesn't seem to flow properly. There we go, got it.

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